Jay Smooth, Layla Sin - First Day At New Job - Boss Educates His New Submissive, Part 1 (July 27, 2020)

The young and gorgeous looking Layla Sin from the United States is late on her first day in the new job. Her manager, Jay Smooth is very disappointed and about to kick her out right away. Only her extreme good looks stop him from proceeding and he comes up with a BDSM roleplay instead to show her his power by taming this haughty little thing. Testing her delivery methods by making her crawl around in his office, a letter between her glossy lips, he then finds out that she needs some more intense training and we are there to deliver you a Full HD BDSM fetish movie in crystal clear high-resolution quality. Her bends her over his desk and starts spanking those well tanned tight young and fresh butt cheeks. Raising her mini skirt, that naughty girl receives some further slaps on her tiny curvy well toned ass. This skirt is way too short for working in an office because it shows those endless legs in sexy high heels and her master doesn’t like that. He makes her suck his thumb and that’s how Part 1 ends - so quick quick quick, let’s jump right over to Part 2!
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